What does family business mean to you?

By Matt Villano

As part of our feature story on the Trefethen family winery, we wanted to know more about their family dynamics. Members of the Trefethen family say they are usually on the same page when it comes to building and marketing their brand. We decided to see if they were correct. To do this, we asked Janet, John, Hailey and Lorenzo Trefethen to respond individually to the same set of questions. The results were nothing short of fascinating.

What does ‘family business’ mean to you?

Hailey: “It's a feeling, a culture, a perspective. Family business means making decisions for the long haul, not short term.”

Lorenzo: “To be part of a family business is to embrace a legacy, and in so doing, move it forward.”

Janet: “A family business is the opportunity to create and establish a business that you are crazy about and ready to give your life to.”

John: “It is the constant family vision ultimately expressed in the wines that is passed down to each successive generation that defines a vibrant family wine business.”

From what do you get inspiration, and why?

Hailey: “My community, being both our team of employees and the greater industry.”

Lorenzo: “Each day, I interact with a team of people working together to bring something real into being, excited to share it with the outside world.”

Janet: “Interacting with other business professionals through conversations, sharing best business practices and observations can give stimulating ideas to adapt to one's own business.”

John: “I have an insatiable curiosity about technology, science, the arts, cultures, but I am most inspired when engaged in conversation with my fellow (hu)man(s).”


What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Hailey: “I want to leave the legacy of the values that have been passed down to us. Of respect and responsibility, an open mind, hard work and determination, and a love for life and what you do.”

Lorenzo: “The responsible stewardship of this ground, great respect and admiration for the people that work in and around wine, the joy of bringing people together and the courage to be both curious and responsible.”

Janet: “To remember every day the importance of integrity, courage, good judgment and perseverance, all sprinkled with a sense of humor.”

John: “All of the Trefethen family think of ourselves as stewards of this land while we are fortunate enough to work with and manage those who farm it with us.”

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July/August 2021

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