Wes Neichenbauer

CFO, Rowntree Enterprises

Wes Neichenbauer is the CFO of Rowntree Enterprises Inc., having joined the company in 2006. Prior to joining Rowntree Enterprises Inc. Wes was the CFO, a director and shareholder of Applewood Holdings Inc., which was purchased by one of the largest automotive groups in Canada. Previously, Wes was the CFO of a TSX-listed company and an analyst and investment banker with one of the largest Schedule A banks in Canada. Wes holds an Hons. B.A. from the University of Western Ontario and is a chartered accountant (CA), having qualified in the top 1% in Canada. 

Rowntree Enterprises, based in Toronto, has completed a transition out of its original business -- car dealerships -- to focus on real estate and private equity investing.