Family Matters Video Series

Our Family Matters Video Series was originally created for attendees of Transitions Fall 2020. They are designed to provide educational information on a variety of multi-generational family business topics. Feel free to browse and view anytime. You can select videos by name, title or category.

How to Compensate Family Members Working in the Business
Compensation Advisory Partners
Long Term Incentives for Executives in Family Businesses
Compensation Advisory Partners
Effective Family Communication Pt 1
Trusted Family
Effective Family Communication Pt 2
Trusted Family
Why Family Businesses Partner with Private Equity
Paine Schwartz Partners
How Private Equity Firms Can Add Value to Family Businesses
Paine Schwartz Partners
The inevitable Shift: Lessons Learned from G1-G2 and G3-G4 Transitions
Whittier Trust
Dealing with Conflict at Family Meetings
Brown Brothers Harriman
Syncing Short Term Action with Long Term Vision