Todd Immell, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP discusses robotics processing automation operating models for family offices. Final installment in a 4-part series.

EY's Todd Immell discusses cases where Robotics Process Automation is used within the family office. Part three of a four part series on RPA.


EY's Todd Immell discusses the capabilities of Robotics Process Automation for the family office. Part two of a four part series on RPA.

EY's Todd Immell describes RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and how it can deployed in family offices. In this video, Todd answers the key question: What is Robotics Process Automation? Part one of four. Sponsored by EY.

Taking Stock explores all the questions, relationships and emotions universal among family businesses, as well as themes — guilt, survival and apartheid — unique to a prosperous Jewish merchant family in South Africa.

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EY's  Bobby Stover and Family Business magazine's Peter Begalla discuss how investing strategies have changed over the last five years, including how family offices are making deals on their own.