Transforming Family Businesses - from Dysfunctional to Extraordinary (Transforming Families in Business) (Volume 1)

James R. Kwaiser

Families working together have been described as ”tricky.” Many identify themselves as normal because the family’s dysfunctional inter-relations are considered normal. What family doesn’t have some dysfunction? Transforming Family Businesses From "Dysfunctional to Extraordinary" presents real stories of families who work together. Each story deals with the challenges every family working together in business face. The personal issues that intermix with the business issues, family baggage blending with decision-making. The process presented, enables families who are committed to improve family communication and business direction, find the right solutions. The family names and specifics of the business have been changed. The issues are real and so are the results. Each story explains the challenges, the options and what the choice of each family has been. It gives the "how to" steps to effectively deal with each issue. Each family is unique and situation is different. The process explained has been designed, and is proven to work, for those families that are willing to commit to Family First. By reading and studying these stories, and with commitment, families will discover a process that can assist in helping them to overcome any challenges they will face, by living and working together. After implementing the process with numerous family businesses, we have had the opportunity to see family relationships strengthen and business grow and continue. The process outlined can work for any family but it is in working with family business where it has been the most successful. Transforming your family in business from what is considered normal (dysfunctional) to extraordinary is only 152 pages away!