Tips on choosing a financial adviser

By John Collins
Tips on choosing a financial adviser

The first step in creating a relationship with a financial adviser is to understand your own personal financial goals. Organizing your goals into short- and long-term focuses will help you prioritize action steps and make the planning process easier.

Once you’ve established your general financial goals, you can do some research to find an adviser whose skills will support those goals. You should analyze a potential adviser as you would any major business decision.

• Review the adviser’s qualifications, background, years of experience and referrals.

• Request the tax and income profiles of the adviser’s other clients. Reviewing those profiles will indicate whether your circumstances fall into a profile the adviser is accustomed to addressing.

• Determine what services the adviser provides.

• Find out how the adviser approaches financial planning so you can get an idea about the process used.

• Ask how the adviser is paid for services.


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