Threats to Family Philanthropy

In this webinar, Lawson Bader, President and CEO of DonorsTrust; Elise Westhoff, President and CEO of the Philanthropy Roundtable; and David Shaw, Publishing Director, Family Business Magazine, will explore the potential threats to family philanthropy and what you can do about them.


Despite what may be a record-breaking year for charitable contributions during a tumultuous 2020, there are efforts in certain quarters to regulate and force additional private giving. One example of this is the Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving – an effort that seeks to move more dollars to charities. This coalition is proposing a host of new rules on tools popular with family businesses —private family foundations and donor-advised funds — that may actually hurt charitable giving.

In this webinar, Lawson Bader, President and CEO of DonorsTrust; Elise Westhoff, President and CEO of the Philanthropy Roundtable; and David Shaw, Publishing Director, Family Business Magazine, will outline the good and the bad of the initiative’s proposal and others that may present roadblocks to your planning strategy. Hear how these concepts may alter the philanthropic freedoms you currently enjoy and affect your giving strategy, legacy planning and next-generation engagement.

If you are a donor, family office leader, wealth adviser or NextGen leader, join us to explore the potential threats to family philanthropy and what you can do about them.




Lawson Bader

President & CEO, DontorsTrust

Lawson R. Bader is president and CEO of DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund, public charities protecting the intent of donors who value limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility. Through their donor-advised fund, DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund have granted over $1 billion to liberty-minded groups in academia, public policy, the arts, civics, medical and scientific research, religion, and education. In addition to his foundation work, Lawson has more than 20 years of experience leading free-market research and advocacy groups, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Prior to joining the “liberty movement” he held numerous positions at SRI International, the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, and Pierson, Semmes & Finley. He is a former weekly columnist with Human Events, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wheaton College (IL) and The Johns Hopkins University. He currently serves on the boards of the Atlas Network, State Policy Network, Oakseed Ministries International, and Solers, Inc. 

Elise Westhoff

President & CEO, Philanthropy Roundtable

Elise Westhoff joined The Philanthropy Roundtable as President and CEO in June 2020. Before joining the Roundtable, Westhoff was the executive director of The Snider Foundation, a family foundation based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, founded by the late Ed Snider. She joined The Snider Foundation in May 2013 as grant program director and was named executive director in November 2015. As the first non-family staff member of The Snider Foundation, Westhoff worked closely with the board to build a professional team and refine governance and operations. With Ed Snider’s donor intent at the forefront, the foundation defined program areas and developed a cohesive grantmaking strategy during her tenure. After Ed Snider’s passing in 2016, Westhoff oversaw the transition from a founder-led foundation to an engaged, multi-generational family board. Prior to joining the foundation, Westhoff directed major gifts fundraising for neuroscience programs at the Indiana University School of Medicine from 2009 to 2013. From 2004 to 2008, Westhoff worked in planned giving and major gifts at the New York Public Library (NYPL). Westhoff is a member of the board of directors of the Commonwealth Foundation and the State Policy Network. She has participated actively in The Philanthropy Roundtable since 2015 and joined the organization’s board in 2019. Westhoff earned a B.A. in history, criminal justice, and political science from Indiana University.


David Shaw

Publishing Director, Family Business Magazine

David Shaw is the publishing director of Family Business and its sister publication, Directors & Boards. With more than 30 years of experience in business-to-business and consumer media markets, he has served as an editor, publisher, publishing director, group publisher and group vice president of a variety of publications, trade shows, conferences and websites. Prior to founding GRID Media, David served as senior vice president for Phillips Business Information Inc., where he oversaw nearly 100 discrete media properties, and helped build the business from $35 million to more than $100 million in annual revenues. He is a frequent author and speaker on issues related to business-to-business media, multigenerational family businesses and private and public company governance. He is married, with two grown children, one serving in the Navy and the other in law school.


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