Steve Napoli

Owner/Operator of SnapTop; Former Assistant Product Purchasing & Development Director for Idylwilde Farm
Steve Napoli was in the 4th generation of a group managing a nearly 100 year old farm/retail/foodservice operation that produced fresh produce and grocery items through a very diverse supply chain it built over time. Before diving head first into the family operation, Steve graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2007 with a major in agribusiness and entrepreneurship. Interwoven with his schooling, he interned at Ocean Spray in Middleboro,MA and apprenticed at Sunview International in Sonoma, CA, learning the ins and outs of the cranberry and viticulture worlds, respectively. Both experiences sharpened the learning curve in both management and communication, especially across wide ranges of backgrounds and languages. After college he went on to backpack the world, visiting over 45 countries on 6 continents, including a brief work-stay on an olive grove in Italy. 
After his travels, Steve returned home to the family business in 2011 alongside nearly 10 family members that participated in day-to-day operations and decision making. After quickly realizing he did not share the same goals as the others in both scalability and risk management, Steve successfully opened his own food retail store in the Back Bay of Boston and operated it for 5 years, later selling the concept to a private buyer. 
Today, thanks to his branding and customer base, he pushed all-in towards corporate fruit supply throughout the city of Boston. He works with some of the top hedge funds and private equity firms to supply whole and value added fresh fruit items for their employees and partners. On the heels of solely word of mouth and referrals, Steve's business has grown from its first client into supplying over 50 offices in the Greater Boston area.