Scott Tucker

Co-President, Maple Leaf Farms Inc.

While growing up, Scott Tucker worked at Maple Leaf Farms, the family-owned duck business started by his grandfather in 1958, doing numerous tasks around the company. These early experiences with the company fueled his interest in becoming part of his family’s business. Today, he serves as co-president of Maple Leaf Farms.
Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. is North America's leading producer of quality duck products, supplying retail and foodservice markets throughout the world with innovative, value-added foods. The company also produces a line of chicken strips, nuggets and gourmet entrees. Founded in 1958, Maple Leaf Farms is a fourth-generation, family-owned company that also markets innovative natural health products and services through its MLF Biotech division and an integrated duck production system, INDUX, through its international division. The company currently employs 1,000 people at operations in Indiana, Wisconsin, California and Michigan, and in China.
After earning his B.S. in management from Purdue University in 1986, Scott returned to Maple Leaf Farms to serve as Northeast Region foodservice sales manager. In the following years, he worked in a number of management positions, including customer service manager, corporate distribution manager, assistant vice president of operations and vice president of marketing and communications.  His work in these areas provided him with a broad perspective on the company's operations and an appreciation for the many challenges facing his family's growing business.
To gain a broader perspective on managing these business challenges, Scott decided to leave the company in 1999 to pursue a master of business administration degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon graduating from this program, he returned to Maple Leaf Farms to serve as one of its co-presidents, along with his brother John. With this unique leadership structure, he oversees the company's live production, finance, operations and quality functions, while John oversees the areas of information systems, human resources, and sales and marketing. 
Through the Tucker Family Council, Scott and his family have created a corporate culture that recognizes and even emphasizes the importance that values -- friends, family, fun, fulfillment, financial security and, of course, food -- play in a positive work environment.  The Tucker family firmly believes that these serve as the foundation for the company’s success.
Scott is a past graduate of the Kosciusko Leadership Academy and the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program. Currently, he serves on the board of directors for Maple Leaf Farms, Inc., Eurasia Feather Inc., Down Inc., K21 Health Foundation and the Indiana State Poultry Association.