Rosanne Longo

Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador, Longo's

Growing up in the family business, Rosanne Longo has a natural passion for food. Her purpose through her dual roles as Spokesperson and Chair of the Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation is to connect and inspire healthier families through shared family values and a love of good food. Longo Bros. Fruit Markets was founded by three brothers, Tommy, Joe and Gus Longo in 1956. At the time, they simply wanted to be able to support their family. What started as a single fruit market has evolved into a chain of grocery stores focusing on quality, service and value, which has been the foundation for the last 61 years. Built on a strong belief and commitment to family, fresh food, opportunity and philanthropy, Rosanne Longo will share her family's story and how their entrepreneurial spirit, led by these cornerstones, remain as founding values that guide innovation in the next generation. Not only will you learn who the Longo family is and what they do, but be inspired by what motivates them to continue to do it.