Phila. marketing agency names non-family member as ‘heir apparent’

Brownstein Group, a Philadelphia marketing agency founded in 1964 by Berny Brownstein and Beverly Brownstein, has unveiled a succession plan that names a non-family member as the heir apparent for the first time in the firm’s history, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported.

Erin Allsman, who had been senior vice president of public relations and social media, has been named as Brownstein Group’s first managing director. Marc Brownstein, son of Berny Brownstein and the firm’s president and CEO, told the journal that the plan is for Allsman to eventually succeed him.

“The agency will still be family owned, but it will eventually transition away from being family led,” the journal article said.

The firm, founded as Brownstein Advertising, originally focused on the retail industry but has grown since then. It now offers services in brand strategy, digital communication, public relations and social media for a wide range of industries, the report said.

Allsman joined Brownstein Group in 2007 as senior account executive. In the past decade, she has grown the firm’s public department by 400% and launched its social media and content marketing practices, the journal reported. Allsman told the journal that the firm’s PR and social media departments are now among the largest in the Philadelphia region.

Brownstein and Allsman told the journal that the agency is poised for growth.  (Source: Philadelphia Business Journal, March 7, 2017.)