Passion For Wine: The French Ideal and the American Dream

Jean-Charles Boisset, Marnie Old

Finally, an introduction to wine that takes the stiffness out of wine and puts the joie de vivre back in. You don't need to memorize reams of data to feel in control when shopping or deciding what to drink with dinner. All you need to learn are the handful of powerful ideas that help capture and explain wine's extraordinary variations of style. By instilling the confidence to make educated guesses based on a few central truths, this book will help you relax and savor what's in the glass regardless of its grape or region. The genus of this introduction to wine is that it shares the compelling ideas and practical skills that separate the wine expert from the wine novice. Its authors make use of the lessons of Franco-American history, the principles of sensory science, and the predictability of Mother Nature to make sense of the wine with humor, humility, and no shred of pretense. Passion For Wine is also refreshingly direct in its embrace of the central truth behind wine's appeal; that wine brings pleasure not simply through the sum of its flavors, textures, and scents, but also in its extraordinary ability to elevate life's precious moments and strengthen the bonds of love and humanity that connect us all.