Nicolee Hiltz

Co-Founder, Couples at Crossroads

Nicolee Hiltz is co-founder of Couples at Crossroads, a company dedicated to coaching people through the challenges of balancing professional and personal/family life. She has been a practicing psychologist for 25 years. 
Nicolee grew up in a small Central Pennsylvania community nurtured by a large, loving, Italian family. Her mother was a homemaker and father was a civil engineer who had the good fortune of retiring from the first job that hired him. In addition to engineering, Nicolee’s father cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit by specializing in land development and surveying. She often assisted with surveys and drafting. As a result, her father’s small business served as an example of how entrepreneurship and family time can support each other.
Since earning her doctorate in Psychology at Temple University and starting her professional career, Nicolee has worked as a consultant to public and private schools evaluating students and providing recommendations that enhance the learning experience. In addition, she focused on teacher efficacy, classroom management and school success. 
Nicolee is especially proud of her Red Cross volunteer service following the Gulf hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. During that time she helped create a mental health clinic that served individuals, families, volunteers, professionals and first responders.  Calling on her fundraising skills, she was able to help build a child-safe play zone as well as a family recreation and fitness center.
In 2011 she brought her childhood introduction to the entrepreneurial life, her experience as an educational consultant, her clinical skills and her desire to serve together to focus on helping couples find fulfillment personally and professionally.  Her avocation as an artist adds creativity to her endeavors and makes her work lively and engaging.
She has two grown children and lives in Central Pennsylvania with her partner, Jake Thiessen. She enjoys the creative process, reading, travel and the guilty pleasure of home improvement television shows.