Nick Shepard

Communications Director, Smith Family Council, Menasha Corporation

Nick Shepard is a sixth-generation member of the Smith Family, owners of Menasha Corporation (a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company) for over 160 years. Nick joined the Smith Family Council in 2012. Since joining, he has gradually taken on more responsibility on the Council, particularly leveraging his background in art and design to reimagine the Council's communication with the family. Nick was recently appointed as the Council's first Communications Director.

Nick grew up in New York City and earned his MFA in 2011 from the School of Visual Arts in New York; he graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Art History from Carleton College in 2007. Today he lives and works in Portland, Ore. In addition to his work for the Smith Family, he is an active artist, participating in exhibitions and teaching photography around the country. He also works as a freelance graphic and web designer.