Marylyn Reed

Family Council Member, Mary Kay, Inc.

Marylyn Alexander Reed is a fourth generation shareholder in Mary Kay, Inc., a company founded by her great grandmother over 50 years ago.  While Marylyn is not involved with the company operations on a daily basis, she has been elected to serve on the board for the newly formed Family Council.  Marylyn received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the University of Houston.  Fourteen years ago, she founded a successful luxury spa business near Houston, Texas and currently has plans to expand her business in 2015.  She is also an investment partner in a storage facility and a real estate development company.  Marylyn, and her husband Steve, reside in Kemah, Texas and have three children, two in high school and one at LSU. When she isn't running her business or raising teenagers, she can be found in the great outdoors, fishing, hunting and traveling.