Martim de Arantes Oliveira

Regional Managing Director, San Francisco, Ascent Private Capital Management

With almost 20 years of financial services experience, nearly all of it serving clients with significant wealth, Martim has the credentials and passion to lead Ascent Private Capital Management’s regional office in San Francisco.  Applying his early experience as an analyst for a major financial institution and later a registered financial advisor in another large firm, in 2000 Martim founded his own wealth advisory firm in San Francisco.  A decade later, when he sold the firm it had grown to $400 million in assets under management.

“With more than a decade of experience helping families steward their wealth across generations, I appreciate the multifaceted needs of high net worth families.  I come from a family tradition of service, and I have devoted my career to working with clients on everything from family financial management and administration to family governance and philanthropic initiatives.”  

Martim earned his Bachelor’s degree from University College London and is an accredited Wealth Management Advisor and Portfolio Management Advisor.  He is multi-lingual, fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Italian, Spanish and French. 

Martim notes that his career has coincided with a number of global economic and financial crises that impacted clients.  “Each time one of these events occurred, I became increasingly aware that trust is the most critical ingredient of an enduring and sustainable client/advisor relationship.  We earn and retain our clients by demonstrating loyalty, integrity and intellectual rigor.”