Marc Wittwer

COO, Boulevard Home Furnishings

Marc Wittwer, a third generation member of the Wittwer family, is COO of Boulevard Home Furnishings and serves on the Board of directors and Family Council for all of the Wittwer business. Marc is a current member of the Business Growth Committee and is the Chairman of the Compensation and Continuity Committee which serve all business under the common ownership.

Marc grew up working in the hotel business where he learned to clean pools, sweep parking lots, and maintain landscaping at a very young age. As a teenager, he advanced to the front desk where he learned the importance of taking care of each customer and making sure that every guest who walked through the door stayed at the hotel. Marc attended University of Utah where he obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting and MBA.

After graduating, he worked as a CPA for the international accounting firm Deloitte in Las Vegas, NV from 1997-2000. In 2000, the Boulevard Home Furnishings built a new 110,000 sq./ft. showroom and there was a strong need for Marc to return to the family business, which he did.

He coaches his kids in soccer and serves a volunteer in his church and Boy Scouts of America. He loves water skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, running, hiking, hunting, kayaking and anything outdoors.