Joan McVaugh

Finance Manager/Family Council Chairperson, Laboratory Testing Inc.


Laboratory Testing Inc. began doing business in 1976 as the NDT division of Carson Helicopter. The founders, Robert (Bob) W. McVaugh, Sr. and his partner, Frank Carson, established Carson NDT to provide commercial magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, X-ray and ultrasonic inspection services.

By 1984, Carson NDT had 20 employees and the owners needed more room for growth. The company moved from a small building on the property of Carson Helicopter to a 30,000-sq.-ft. facility in Dublin, Pa. Around the same time, Bob McVaugh bought his partner's share of the business and changed the company's name to Laboratory Testing Inc.

Laboratory Testing Inc. is an accredited, independent testing services and calibration company located outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Since 1984, customers worldwide have counted on Lab Testing for accurate, affordable materials testing and nondestructive testing services. They get certified test results with answers about material properties, characteristics, weaknesses, defects and composition. The company specializes in metals testing services, but also performs chemical analysis of samples ranging from powdered metals, ores and ferroalloys to composites, ceramics and specialty materials. Calibration services, test specimen machining, failure analysis investigations and materials engineering services are also provided for "one-stop" convenience.

When Bob passed away in November 1994, ownership was transferred to the next generation. His son, Mike, assumed the role of president. He had been with the company since its beginning in 1984 as nondestructive testing manager. Joan joined the company as finance manager in 1998 and soon became a co-owner. Two members of the third generation work full-time and one member of that generation works part-time in the business. Joan is the chairperson of the recently formed Family Council.