Jo Anne Allen

Trustee, DWA 1989 Family Trust

Jo Anne Allen is a trustee of the DWA 1989 Family Trust. Her varied career has included owning and operating food establishments: a bakery, café, restaurant and health food store. She has also worked as an events coordinator/facilitator. Working as an organizer in the music world led her to a decade of study and her current vocation as a voice and singing teacher.

She has four children and three grandchildren who are an important and integral part of the growing family business. She lives in Sebastopol, CA, with her husband Steve, who also works for the family business.

The DWA 1989 Family Trust owns three multi-tenant buildings in San Francisco, and also does similar property management work within a cousin consortium of real estate assets in Marin County and in San Francisco. The most publicly visible assets that are owned collectively are the Belvedere Land Company and a building located in San Francisco's Union Square with Macy's as the tenant.

The core assets were bought in the 1935 before the Golden Gate Bridge was finished. It was considered a huge risk by advisers at the time, but has worked out extremely well for the family. The second generation, led by Dave Allen and Howard Allen, transformed vacant land into productive rental real estate over a 25-year period after WWII.

Starting about 1980 the third generation became involved in the operations. They exhibited all the struggles of family business and may have invented some new ones along the way. The family has navigated a successful generational transfer, keeping all the assets together and making significant new investments during that time.

Currently, DWA 1989 Family Trust has two members of the fourth generation working full-time. In addition many of the fourth generation have had part-time or summer intern jobs. Of the 18 members of the fourth generation, ten have worked at least one summer with the current managers and trustees.