Jennifer Lundberg Parrish

Lundberg Family Farms

Jennifer Lundberg Parrish is a third generation Lundberg by birth. She is an Internal Medicine physician by training.

Along with her husband and young girls, she returned home to Butte County, California, in 1996 after almost 20 years away for school and 'life.' Her husband worked at the ranch until 2011 and still serves on the BOD.

Jennifer was not directly involved at the ranch until 2008- 2009 when the family decided to form a family council. At that point she felt a call to be more involved in the business of family. She became involved in the process of crafting the documents for the council and has served on the council since its inception.

She feels blessed to have seen the evolution of the family business and to have been privy to the original discussions fomenting LFF and the risks taken on by her father and uncles.