Jamie Tucker

Family Council member, IDEAL Industries

Jamie Tucker is a fourth generation family shareholder of IDEAL Industries, Inc. headquartered in Sycamore, IL.  He is a member of the IDEAL Family Council and has been for the past five years.  He chairs the Family and Philanthropy Standing Committee and assists in the coordination of Family Camp, an annual family retreat.  Currently he is attending the Family Business Stewardship Institute at Loyola Family Business Center and is on the Family Business Network NextGen Planning Committee.  He is also preparing for a possible future role as Voting Trustee of the IDEAL Family Voting Trust.  His volunteer time is spent as treasurer of the Agriculture and Energy Resource Center as well as assisting at the local Habitat for Humanity Resource Reuse Store.  In addition, he is currently studying to receive his bachelor’s degrees in Hydrogeology/Geochemistry and Geology at Northland College.  Skiing, biking, and kayaking are some of his favorite outdoor activities.  He also plays violin in a quartet and in the local orchestra.  His home is located in Northwest Wisconsin with his 14 year-old-daughter Ayla, fiancé Courtney, and her three-year-old daughter, Emelea.