Winter 1996

  • Winter 1996

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  • How to Win the Valuation Game

    I recently visited a hardware distributor to examine facilities first-hand and interview one of the two owners. The conference room had no windows and yet looked as if a hurricane had just blown through it. The table was littered with product samples. There were samples hanging from peg boards on the walls, and more items packed in boxes scattered on the floor. The place was a mess.

  • Every Family Gets the In-Laws They Deserve

    Few topics generate more interest among family business owners—and more heat—than how in-laws should be treated. At the risk of sounding like a fence-straddling social scientist, I’m afraid the answer to most questions about in-laws is, “It depends...”

    At worst, in-laws are meddlesome, divisive, suspicious, and interested in only entitlements. At best, in the view of many business owners, they mind their own business and don’t do anything to embarrass the family.

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