Summer 2006

  • Summer 2006

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  • Historic companies' novel approaches

    Samuel T. Freeman & Co. of Philadelphia was founded in 1805 and is America’s oldest auction house. Columbia Restaurant, established 100 years later in Tampa’s historic Ybor City, is the oldest restaurant in Florida. Naturally, Freeman’s sixth- and seventh-generation owners and Columbia’s fourth- and fifth-generation leaders want to preserve company traditions. But these later-generation stewards must also adapt to today’s marketplace realities to ensure the preservation of their treasured family enterprises for the next century.

  • Your vacation property: Tips to keep it in the family

    When the future of the family vacation home is under discussion, family members' emotions tend to be strong, and the financial stakes are often high. Warm memories of time spent at the “cottage”—whatever its location, size or value—spark a desire to keep it in the family for generations. As a place where family members gather to relax, a vacation property is the glue that binds the family together.

  • Summer 2006 Openers

    Small businesses prepare for avian flu outbreak 

  • Old-world business, new-age economy

    To appreciate the unique dichotomy of outlooks that is essential in any successful auction house today—one foot in the old world, one in the new—you need look no farther than the large windows flanking the front door of America's oldest such business.

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