Summer 2003

  • Summer 2003

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  • The art of seduction

    The distraught young widow sought my help after suddenly finding herself in charge of her late husband's global shipping empire. As she rushed anxiously toward my desk, I couldn't help noticing that, beneath her coat, she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

  • Summer 2003 Toolbox

    The inheritor's journey

    Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth:
    A Life Guide for Inheritors

    By Thayer Cheatham Willis
    New Concord Press, Portland, Ore., 2003
    201 pp., $25

    Reviewed by Dennis T. Jaffe

  • 'Entrepreneering' your family firm

    The failure rate of family firms—fewer than 12% survive to the third generation—dismays many entrepreneurs. Yet even the biggest non-family firms are no safer from the Grim Reaper. Some 70% of the original 1955 Fortune 500 companies are gone today, barely two generations later.

    All companies, like their human founders, follow a predictable life cycle:

  • Fronting for my husband

    The man from the restaurant consulting firm walked into my office, where I sat hunched over my desk. He hesitated for a moment, then asked to meet with Courtney.

    “That's me,” I said.

    As I glanced over his paperwork, which he had slid across my desk, I felt him staring at me.

    “So,” he said slowly. “You own the restaurant?”

    I didn't look up. “Yup.”

    “With your family?” he inquired. I raised my eyes with a look that would have killed any reasonably intelligent man who had ever encountered an angry woman.

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