Spring 2007

  • Spring 2007

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  • Beyond the family

    Many entrepreneurial families who have big dreams for their companies understand that non-family employees can help them make those dreams come true. A smaller percentage of family business owners have taken this logic a step further —they’ve hired non-family employees to run the place.


  • Protecting and preserving your business for the future

    Building a successful business takes dedication and a lot of hard work. Like anything of value, your company must be protected—not only against risks such as fire or theft, but also against less tangible hazards, like the loss of an owner or a key employee.

  • Don't pin all your hopes on one family successor

    When family business leaders contemplate succession, thoughts usually turn to the next generation of family members. After all, isn’t this prerogative one of the principal reasons for owning a family business in the first place?

    The problem with this line of reasoning is that succession is often viewed as an event, not as a process needing to be nurtured. Too many times, it’s allowed to happen by accident or as a passing of a birthright. But it shouldn’t be a given that future leadership will stay in the family.

  • Spring 2007 Toolbox

    Family firms’ successes and scandals

    Dynasties: Fortunes and Misfortunes of the World’s Great Family Businesses, by David S. Landes

    Viking, 2006, 380 pp, $25.95

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