Spring 1998

  • Spring 1998

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  • High Flyers on the Small Screen

    Sex! Scandal! Crime! Money! Good guys and bad guys and plenty of conflict between them! No wonder television seems like a natural for family business. “Dallas,” “Dynasty,” even “Bonanza” found huge audiences and held them for years. When network executives want a more highbrow approach, they can focus on real-life families with lots of glamor—the Kennedys and Rockefellers of the world—and create a product that crosses Oprah with the PBS documentary on the Civil War.

  • The Ritual Dance of Succession

    Paul Mazonson came to work at his father’s insurance agency in 1975 mostly because he didn’t want to go to graduate school. He had just finished a psychology degree at the University of Vermont, and with no compelling drive to continue, joined Eigner & Mazonson in Lynn, Massachusetts.

    His father wasn’t that keen on hiring him, either. “Paul had gone to school to ‘find himself’ and have a good time,” says Barney Mazonson. “He worked very hard at both.” Still, he was glad his son would have a job.

  • A Wakeup Call on Disaster Insurance

    With so many disasters in the news these days—tornadoes in Florida, floods and mud slides in California, ice storms and power outages in Canada—one might expect business owners to keep their property and casualty policies up to speed. In my experience, however, many owners are lax about making sure that they have proper coverage.

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