September 1990

  • September 1990

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  • Rough Rider

    WHAT WOULD YOU DO?: From the age of 2, Boyd Makewell Jr.'s three children have been taught that they are some day to run the building supplies company founded by their grandfather. But Boyd's actions seem calculated to undermine his words. He terrorizes the whole family and keeps them and Makewell Building Supplies under his firm control.

    Boyd Jr. fired his oldest son, Boyd III, and demoted his daughter, Babs Dean, when she protested. Babs plans to meet with her brother to decide whether she can stay in the business and, if she does, how best to cope with their father.

  • Tune In, Turn On. Dad: Drop Out!

    The television show that made Michael J. Fox a star, Family Ties, had a simple premise: What happens when children are more conservative than their parents? Fox's character, a teenager named Alex, was a business-minded Young Republican-type who was frequently at odds with his liberal, "I'm OK, you're OK" parents. When they talked about idealism and social justice, Alex talked about investments and William F. Buckley.

  • Fare Maiden

    UNTIL TWO YEARS AGO Kate Dickholtz lived a comfortable life as a suburban housewife. After her husband, Art, left for work each morning, she filled her days with cleaning, gardening, church and club meetings, lunches with friends, and visits to her elderly parents. "My friends used to ask me why I didn't get a job," she recalls, "but I was happy to just be a housewife. Besides, Arthur didn't want me to work, and he never wanted me to interfere in his business. That was his domain."

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