Premiere 1989

  • Premiere 1989

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  • They Know What They Like

    The art collections of large, public corporations aren't the only ones that stand out. Throughout America, family businesses of all sizes are amassing impressive collections of paintings, sculpture, pottery, quilts, and many other fine objects.

  • The Family Track

    Fifty-seven-year-old Tom Carey sometimes stands at the window of his expansive, antique-filled office, looks down over the carefully manicured Hawthorne Race Course in Stickney, Illinois, festooned with gaily flying green and white flags, and ponders how he got where he is.

  • The Emerging Muscle of Family Control

    News of deep financial troubles at Wang Labs last summer touched off a wave of speculation over why the company, built by entrepreneur An Wang in the Sixties, lost its way in the Eighties. After the board of directors forced the resignation of Wang's son, Frederick, whom his father had installed as president only a few years earlier, a distinguished Harvard professor commented in the press: "The evidence of history is that big businesses can't be trusted to families."

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