November/December 2021

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November/December 2021
  • November/December 2021

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  • Blended generations

    As life expectancy has expanded and the world has become more interconnected, family business leaders face an unprecedented challenge — just ask the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. Before our current era, succession in a family enterprise presented a clear and discrete dividing line between generations.

  • Making mental health a priority

    As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, employers, schools, communities and families are realizing the need to focus on mental health and support people who need help. The topic of mental health regularly trends on social media. This is very good news, as it helps destigmatize treatment and accommodations in educational and business settings.

  • The war on clunk

    Aits core, digital disruption is about removing clunk. What’s clunk? Clunk is all of the parts of your brand experience that feel, well, clunky. Banks that make you use the drive through (or, worse, the inside teller window) to deposit checks. That’s clunk. “Call us now to schedule a FREE consultation!” That’s clunk.

  • Should you formalize your ESG policy?

    With the country consumed by questions of racial equality and signs of a climate crisis building, companies are under increasing pressure to articulate how they handle environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

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