July/August 1990

  • July/August 1990

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  • Smart Borrowing

    Many bankers aren't in a good mood these days. Some banks, smarting from losses on their portfolios and feeling the sting of federal regulators, are getting much tougher when it comes to making loans to small and medium-sized firms. Loan officers who used to rely heavily on instinct when sizing up a borrower now want hard-core indications that a company will repay its debt. Even long-time customers should anticipate a skeptical eye when they renew credit agreements.

  • Inn Love

    A fire flickers on the hearth as my wife sits in its warmth, idly doing a piece of needlework. A cueball clicks on the splendid 1918 Brunswick slate table beyond the chintz-covered couch as our 10-year-old daughter discovers the delights of playing pool. Outside, the light of a country evening slowly fades from the quiet streets, overhung with Spanish moss in old Beaufort, South Carolina.

  • Log Jam

    Two sons are near-polar opposites in temperament, personality, and business style. A toe-to-toe argument between them has put everyone in the company on edge. Fearing the tension could paralyze the business, the father calls an urgent family meeting to decide on a plan of action.

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