January/February 1991

  • January/February 1991

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  • How to Beat the Credit Crunch

    Fastframe U.S.A. Inc. gets its financing the old-fashioned way. John Scott,who started the picture-framing stores three years ago and has three otherfamily members in the business and grew it to $14 million in sales, raised$500,000 by selling preferred stock to a private investor. Then the ownersof the building in Agoura Hills, California, where Fastframe has its headquarters, madea $1 million investment in the company's common stock.

  • The Young Maverick

    1974 Hal Rosenbluth graduates from college.He resents his family's travel agency because it hasalways been a rival for his parents' attention, andbecause it strikes him as dull. But lacking a betterprospect, he joins the dormant, $40 million(billings) company in Philadelphia as a go-fer.

    1990 Under Hal's leadership, Rosenbluth Travelhas become the nation's fifth-largest travel company, with 8.3 billion in billings, 2,500 employees,and 400 offices.

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