December 1990

  • December 1990

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  • Taking Your Company Overseas

    As recently as 10 years ago, Bill Fleming says, exporting accounted for 35 percent of sales at the Fleming Manufacturing Co. in Cuba, Missouri. Fleming neglected his overseas business as the domestic economy boomed in the late eighties, and exports fell to 15 percent of the company's $4 million in sales last year.

  • Health Insurance

    Last year health insurance premiums for business rose 20.4 percent. To hold the line, more and more companies, large and small, are auditing their health care bills. It can be done by outsiders or with selfauditing programs that offer incentives to employees who catch hospital billing errors. Savings can reach 24 percent of a typical hospital bill.

  • Good to be Home for the Holidays

    Ah, the holidays. Those joyous times when family members gather around the dinner table in Rockwellian tableau and share glad tidings.

  • Family Harvest

    WITH A GENTLE PUSH, the Jenkins family orchestrates the September harvest of their 56-acre cranberry farm. For four generations the Jenkinses have farmed the bogs of Cape Cod, cultivating the tart red berry that symbolizes the Pilgrims and the feasts of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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