Autumn 2007

  • Autumn 2007

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  • Family control

    Ever since the Rigas family’s criminal self-dealing at Adelphia Communications Corp. became front-page news in 2002—at the same time that scandals at Enron and WorldCom were making headlines—family-controlled public companies have received as much media scrutiny as their non-family corporate counterparts.


  • Publicly owned and family-run

    The Koss Corporation has been a public company for more than 40 years, yet many of its customers still think it’s a privately held family business. That’s an easy mistake to make; the business carries the family name and is family-run. As it happened, Koss Corporation—a leading designer and manufacturer of stereophones and related accessory products that’s headquartered in Milwaukee—became a public company more by chance than intention.

  • Protecting your name in a sale of your business

    Your company name. How can anyone but you and your family know what it really means? The years of toil; the late nights and weekends; the time devoted to building a dream; the blood, sweat and tears; the integrity, the ethics, the reputation built and achieved over decades, the standing in the community. It’s more than just a name; it’s your legacy. How can you protect its meaning and ensure it continues to stand for all you have built over the years?

  • Real estate risks and opportunities

    Many families in trucking, farming or manufacturing enterprises may find that although real estate is not their core competency, they have “backed into” the real estate business. Although real estate ownership is an effect of being in business rather than the focus of the family’s interests, the value of their real estate has become substantial.

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