Autumn 2005

  • Autumn 2005

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  • Recognition and respect

    If your family is in the business of selling big-ticket items, you may have noticed a change in your customer base over the past decade or so. That is, you've likely observed that more and more of your clients are female.


  • Deals on wheels

    Cars for a purpose, not a perk

    Steven Roberts
    Roberts Companies, St. Louis

  • Money can't buy legacy

    My grandfather always used to tell us, “You can only drive one Cadillac at a time.” It was his way of saying that money isn't everything in business, or in life. But for most family businesses, it's an important measure of success—as well as a major source of conflict.

  • Minority shareholders: Handle with care

    Over the past few years, shareholder activists and their advisers have become increasingly vocal and demanding. Think of Liesel Pritzker, who sued her father, Robert Pritzker of the Hyatt Hotel family empire. And consider the family-owned Dow Jones & Co., where minority shareholder hostility created a corporate commotion.

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