Involve the whole family in drafting a social media policy

By Daisy Medici, Lauren Benenati

The implications of not being disciplined or cautious on social media should be discussed in a formal setting as a family. Raising awareness is a good start, but engaging all appropriate family members in developing a plan is critical to creating commitment. It is one thing to develop a family policy around a particular topic, but a policy on a piece of paper doesn’t result in additional security.

Protecting the family’s reputation is as essential as protecting any other asset. Group discussion during the policy-drafting process will help family members understand the implications of not doing so. Such a discussion raises awareness and secures the essential commitment.

One family’s Reputation Management Policy commits to discussing the use of social media and potential family reputation risk at every family meeting. They used a third-party facilitator to help educate family members about safe use of social media and required a cybersecurity audit to protect against hackers.

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