Howard "Howdy" Holmes

CEO, Chelsea Milling Company/JIFFY Mix

Chelsea Milling Company is operated by a family whose roots in the flour milling business date back to the early 1800s. Mabel White Holmes, grandmother of current president Howdy S. Holmes, developed and introduced to the homemaker the first prepared baking mix product, “JIFFY” Baking Mix, in the spring of 1930. Currently Chelsea Milling offers 22 “JIFFY” mixes. “JIFFY” is the market-share leader in retail prepared baking mixes. In 2007, Chelsea Milling entered the institutional market, selling to mass feeders such as large hotels and prisons. The company is currently investing $35 million to build additional facilities to provide products for the foodservice sector.
After successfully competing in the world of motor sports for 20 years, Howdy returned to the family business in November 1987. As a racecar driver, Howdy won championships and was the “Rookie of the Year” at the Indy 500 in 1979. He competed in six Indy 500 events. When he retired in 1988, he held the best average finishing record of anyone who started more than four events. As a businessman, Howdy operated a motorsports marketing company and an advertising company, which served the motorsports community. He authored an award-winning book, Formula Car Technology, and was a contributing writer for magazines and newspapers about racing. He was also one of the first color commentators on racing for ESPN. Upon returning to “JIFFY” in 1987, Howdy led a transformation of the then-100-year-old family business. With the help of others, a professionally managed strategic vision was successfully introduced.