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By Bill Rock
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As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world with devastating effects, first and foremost, we are focusing on the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, families, customers and communities. As you know, we at MLR Media, the parent company of Family Business Magazine, are a family business, and we recognize the dual challenges of keeping both the business and the family functioning well. The former requires a focus on customers, constant employee communication and vigilant management of cash; the latter requires compassionate understanding of family needs, issues and requirements.

Like many family businesses, we’ve had to adapt — having our team work from home and implementing additional cybersecurity measures. Our team members are keeping in frequent contact, mostly through Zoom and Microsoft Teams video calls and meetings, something many of our readers are doing as well for both family and business meetings.

However, whether at the office or working remotely, our team remains committed to providing you with information, guidance and tools to help you navigate through this crisis. And to that end, we are taking a number of actions.
On our website, in our newsletters and in Family Business Magazine, we’re extensively covering family businesses’ responses to this unprecedented crisis and producing actionable content based on what family companies are doing.

Our May/June 2020 issue includes a section entitled “COVID-19 and the Bottom Line,” which presents advice on financial and legal strategies to help family businesses respond to the economic challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. Featured on our website is a section dedicated to the responses of our readers, as well as recommendations from family business experts. All the online articles in this section are free to view.

If you are willing to share what strategies your business or family is undertaking, please contact Family Business Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Barbara Spector, at A number of our readers have already submitted helpful information, including Paul Darley, third-generation CEO of W.S. Darley & Co., who has allowed us to publish his emails to team members, which put safety first and emphasized resilience. Paul’s emails have greatly aided many of our readers drafting their own company-wide communications. 

We’re also launching a complimentary virtual conference, Family Business Strategy Week, from June 15-19, which will feature once-a-day sessions focused on lessons learned during this pandemic, from risk management, to governance, to engaging the NextGen. We have also added more webinars to our schedule so you and your family members will have the opportunity to continue learning in a virtual environment. Please visit our website to register for Family Business Strategy Week or any of our webinars.

Most importantly, we — like you — are maintaining a rational perspective. We know that this crisis will pass, and that we’ll be resilient and resolute in our mutual recovery. We remain very grateful for your support and committed to helping you through this crisis and beyond.


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May-June 2020

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