At the Helm: Patricia Walllwork

By Patricia Olsen

A few minutes with the chairman and CEO of Milo's Tea Co., Birmingham, Ala.

Generation of family ownership: Third.

Revenue: More than $135 million.

Number of employees: Over 500.

Years with the company: 16.

First job at this company: In high school, I worked in the plant washing crates and buckets by hand and loading jugs on the line. After college, law school and working as a civil defense attorney, I came back to Milo’s as the vice president and general counsel in 2004.

Most memorable thing I learned from my father: Everyone deserves the same respect, no matter whether they are the janitor or the chairman of the board.

Most memorable thing I learned from my stepmother: In a family business, it’s okay to sometimes have a “hissy fit.”  

Best thing about this job: Having the opportunity to continue our family’s legacy while making the lives of our associates, customers and consumers sweeter one sip at a time. 

Best advice I ever got: What matters is the outcome, not whether you are right. I wish I had learned that at a much younger age.

Quote from our company’s mission statement: Consistently manufacture, market and produce the highest-quality teas and other natural beverages in the world. 

Memento in my office: Shovel from the groundbreaking of our new plant currently being built in Tulsa, Okla. 

One of my greatest accomplishments: The opportunity to build our regional tea company into the fastest growing, #1-selling tea item in the U.S. grocery channel through a highly engaged and dedicated team working in a family culture. Other highlights include building out an independent board of directors and codifying our corporate responsibility programing, including a 1% giving-back promise, diversity and inclusion programming, and being a zero-waste manufacturer.

Best thing about working in a family business: Continuing your grandparents’ and parents’ legacy while layering on the next generation’s vision for the future of the organization. 

Worst thing about working in a family business: Knowing your family’s legacy and that of the hundreds of associates that dedicate themselves to your mission and strategy depend on you.

My advice for other family business leaders: Exceptional governance with a matching cadence is the key to providing non-employee family shareholders the ability to remain engaged, while giving employee-shareholders and the leadership team the roadmap for success for all stakeholders. 

On a day off: Exercise and reading are my daily outlets, but for real decompression I like to travel to far-flung destinations with my family to remind me how big, diverse and exciting the world and life are. 

Philanthropic causes our family supports: Through “Milo’s Makes a Difference” programming, we focus on women/children/education and environmental stewardship. Personally, we support the arts, the humane treatment of animals and causes to break the cycle of poverty.   
Books I think every family business leader should read: On the family business front, Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business, by Quentin Fleming. My go-to business books are Good to Great, by Jim Collins; Scaling Up, by Verne Harnish; and The Metronome Effect, by Shannon Byrne Susko, our strategic planning coach. On leadership, I think all the Patrick Lencioni books are great to read with your team. 

Future succession plans: Our G4 are all still quite young, so we are just beginning this important process.

Words I live by: Trust and honest communication are the most important elements of any successful relationship.

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March/April 2020


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