GOJO doubles production to meet ‘staggering’ Purell demand

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GOJO Industries, the third-generation family business that makes Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer, has doubled production across all operations in order to ship twice as much product as it delivered to stores and online retailers in 2019.

“We have been operating all of our facilities 24/7 since January. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the growth of our facilities, including bringing online a new facility dedicated to manufacturing Purell Surface Spray later this year,” the Akron, Ohio-based company said in an Aug, 20 statement. “We worked with our suppliers to dramatically increase raw materials and component supplies and implemented creative partnerships with other companies who have directed bottles and caps our way.

“Additionally, we plan to hire more than 250 team members over the coming months.

"This massive expansion plan will allow us to make many times more sanitizer than we are producing now. We do all of this so we can provide more peace of mind through our beloved Purell products, which are in staggering demand."


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