During the holidays, take time to connect as family members

By Michael D. DeVine

When you work side by side with your family, sometimes it is easy to forget that you are relatives and not just co-workers or business partners. That’s why it is so important for business families to take time during the holidays to reconnect with each other -- to bring the family back into the family business.

Family holiday traditions bring back memories of the love and security we felt flowing from our parents or the bonds we felt when we were together with our siblings. They carry tremendous emotional power.

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After the holidays, make an effort to carry the god feelings and happy memories into the office. Instead of making a harsh comment out of anger in a meeting, remember that you are a family. Hold your tongue or rephrase your comment out of respect for your loved ones.

It can be difficult to corral all of the family into one place. Often, adult children with families of their own have created new traditions. But just one family event is all it takes to hit the reset button.

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