Diversity in 60 seconds

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Key points on diversity you probably need to know


Why is diversity important to the Yoh family? 

Diversity is an essential element to our business. It’s a core value and a competitive advantage. Our strong commitment to diversity makes us a better employer, a better partner, a better community member.


What is the best strategy for a family board to improve diversity?  

The reality is, diversity is a journey, and the family has to continually foster a commitment at the executive levels, and down into the organization. The best place to start is to make it a priority, and make the space to talk about it. We all should be having more conversations about diversity. 

Common mistakes?

Diversity exists at this really interesting intersection between celebrating our heritage and proclaiming our individual identities. Failing to understand the challenges that diverse employees face and unwillingness to take on the tougher issues can undermine your best efforts.

How do you measure the impact of diversity?

Unless you’re measuring and benchmarking your diversity efforts, you’re not really making the effort. We work to hold ourselves accountable across a number of metrics.


About the author:

Hal Yoh is the chair and chief executive officer of Day & Zimmermann

May/June 2021

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