Discovering Family Values – A Guide to the Business of the Family

Join Mindy Rosenthal, Senior Vice President and Wealth Strategist for Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth, and Peter Begalla, Family Business Magazine's Conference and Education Director, for a discussion on identifying and sustaining family values.

Discovering Family Values--A Guide to the Business of the Family

Thursday, November 3, 2016

2:00 p.m./11 a.m. PT

60 minutes
Successful multigenerational family businesses often cite their own family values as mainstays of company direction and longevity. Family values typically remain consistent over generations and inform current and future shareholders of the founder’s vision as well as mission. But the first step is to identify these values, describe them in timeless language, and get shareholder buy-in on them.
This webinar will help you identify your family’s true values, critical components to long-term family health and success.  We will work through exercises to help you define what is most important to you and your family and share case studies of families who used their values to build generational legacy plans.
  • How do family values create a framework for family success?
  • How does knowledge of the founder’s vision for the family and the business evolve over time?
  • What roles do family values have in the creation of key business documents such as family constitutions, employment policies, and ownership structures?
  • Can family values encompass hot topics such as the role of in-laws, pre-nuptial agreements, and other sometimes controversial issues?


Mindy F. Rosenthal

Chief Wealth Strategist, Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth

Mindy F. Rosenthal is senior vice president and chief wealth strategist for PNC Wealth Management and Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth®.
Prior to joining PNC in July 2016, Rosenthal served as president of the Institute for Private Investors, a 23 year-old membership organization dedicated to providing conflict-free wealth management education and peer networking to ultra-affluent families. Rosenthal specializes in the governance and wealth management needs of ultra-high-net-worth families with a focus on alternative investments and holistic family office services. She joined IPI parent, Campden Wealth, as managing director, N.A., to build its North American business.
Rosenthal is the author of Next Generation Wealth: Defining A New Direction; Moving Forward: How Owning a Family Business Impacts Family Offices; Next Generation Wealth: The New Face of Affluence; Safeguarding Prosperity: The State of Family Wealth; and Building for the Future: How Family Offices are Evolving to Meet New Challenges; and co-author of The New Wealth Paradigm: How Affluent Women are Taking Control of their Futures; Fortune’s Fortress; and Protecting the Family Fortune. She has appeared on CNBC and been quoted in a number of news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times and Barron’s.
Rosenthal serves on the Trusts & Estates editorial advisory board high-net worth family and family office committee. She has created and run numerous conferences and newsletters, including those covering the family business, private wealth and hedge fund markets.
Peter Begalla

Conference and Education Director, Family Business Magazine

Peter Begalla is a family business owner, Family Business Magazine's Conference and Education Director, and Adjunct Professor with Stetson University's Family Enterprise Center. He is at the forefront of Next Generation Leadership Development, having helped hundreds of college-aged students establish credibility and marketability with their family, with their family businesses or with non-family employers. He combines years of counseling experience with over 10 years of business development and marketing experience in online education.


    *  60 minutes--maximum value for time
    * Completely free to attend
    * Time for questions and comments
    * All participants receive a copy of the webinar materials after the event
    * Unbiased third party family enterprise education

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