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Stevens Center for Family Business at Saginaw Valley State University

College of Business and Management - Undergraduate Concentration in Family Business ManagementForums, peer groups and networking events for family business leaders.

The Family Business Center at Loyola University, Chicago's Quinlan School of Business

Institutes: Next Generation, Stewardship/Shareholder and Governance

The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

For over 20 years, our team of consultants has worked with thousands of business families around the world to achieve one common goal: to create structures and processes which protect the integrity of the family and the enterprise.

The Haverford Trust Company

 The Haverford Quality Investing approach is designed to help ensure stability and growth for our clients by controlling downside risk while seeking upside opportunities. From serving a wide range of investors, for nearly 40 years, Haverford has learned to translate real-world situations into effective financial strategies. Let us show you how we combine discipline, persistence, and...