Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising
(Rates per 30 days)
Interstitial on home page load: $3,000
Interstitial on individual stories: $2,500
Website Super Leaderboard: $2,300 (970x90 pixels)
ROS Leaderboard: $1,500 (728x90 pixels)
ROS Medium Rectangle: $2,000 (300x250 pixels)
Landing Page Skyscraper: $2,000 (160x600 pixels)
Rich media available on interstitials, medium rectangle and leaderboard
In-Banner Video (add $1,000)
Rich Media Expandables (add $500)
Special Digital Opportunities:
Master sponsor of Family Business Magazine’s Digital Edition:  $2,000
(Delivered to digital subscribers and international members of the YPO Family Business Network, per issue.)
Family Business Magazine Newsletter
(51 editions per year, rates per issue)
Top leaderboard:  $2,500
Interstitial on clicked stories:  $2,500
Leaderboard:  $1,500
(728x90 pixels, must be a static jpg, gif or png file)
Native (Sponsored) Content
Creation and distribution, newsletter and website.  One newsletter issue, plus 30 days on the website:  $3,500.  (Max 1000 words)
Family Business Basics Videos
Exclusivel sponsor for the Family Business Basics video series for one year.  (All prices net)
Three videos:  $15,000
Five videos:  $20,000
Ten videos:  $35,000



Maximum file size 25kb.  .gif, animated .gif and jpg preferred.

Flash Ad Specifications

Supported Positions
All standard ad positions can use Flash creative with the exception of newsletter units.

Required Files
For each Flash creative the .swf, .fla and backup .gif or .jpg file must be included. The .fla file will be used for troubleshooting only.

Flash Version
If the user does not have a Flash player installed on their machine, a backup .gif or .jpg will be served. Our standard Flash version is Flash 7. (We can accept up to Flash 10.) All prior versions are acceptable. Please note the higher the version of the Flash ad, the more the users will see the back up image. Go to Adobe's Flash Player Version Penetration page for an estimated percentage of users that have a particular version.

ActionScript Version
We will only accept files created with ActionScript 2.0 at this time.

All Flash ads must use clickTAG method to define the destination URL variable. Creatives that do not have the clickTAG method correctly implemented will be rejected. Go to this Flash clickTAG Tutorial for information on how to insert a clickTAG Actionscript into a Flash file. Here is a clickTAG Video Tutorial on how to add a clickTAG to a Flash ad.