Debbie S. Brown

Chairman of the Board, Laird Norton Company

Since June 2012, Debbie has served as Chairman of the Laird Norton Company Board. She also serves as Board Chairman for one of their subsidiary companies, TimberRiver Properties. Prior to being named Board Chairman, Debbie served as a director of the company from 1996 to 2007 and beginning in 2011, was elected to a second term.

During her prior term, she chaired their Compensation Committee and served as a director on their Winona Capital Management Board. Debbie also served on their Investment and Nominating Committees and recently, on the company’s 2010-12 Long Range Planning Committee. Prior to joining the board, Debbie played a leadership role in the planning and implementation of the Family’s Children’s Program, affectionately known as “Camp Three Tree.”

Outside of the family company, in 1990, Debbie founded and served as CEO of Pacific Preschools, Inc., a network of private, high quality, work-site child care programs. In 1997, she led the sale of the company to Bright Horizons, the premier provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education, and work/life solutions and, later that same year, participated in their IPO. In addition to her leadership role at LNC, Debbie continues to work for Bright Horizons as Vice President of Regional Development.

From 1990- 2007, Debbie also served as a founding director and board member of Child Care Resources, a non-profit agency that works with families and communities to ensure that all children have access to high quality child care and early education.

Debbie and her husband Henry live in Seattle, Washington. They enjoy kayaking, skiing and hiking and most recently, spoiling their four grandchildren ages infant through age 3.

In 1855, William Laird joined forces with his cousins James and Matthew Norton as partners in a frontier lumber operation. A family company was born. Now seven generations and over 400 members later, the Laird Norton family continues to promote intellectual growth, responsible investing and business experience in order to ensure excellence for generations to come.