Dan Agnew

President, The Agnew Company

Now in its fourth generation, The Agnew Company was started by Samuel A. Agnew (1879-1965), a Northwest timber industry icon, whose pioneer spirit and principled work ethic laid the foundation for a family enterprise that has continued to grow through a diversified and diligent approach to investing. The Agnew family has adopted a stewardship approach to their asset base that was practiced and instilled as an indelible value by both Sam and his son, Jay Agnew (1917-1980). Their foresight and commitment to future family generations has made it possible for the third and fourth generations of the family to continue to promote the advancement of intellectual growth, individual responsibility, and wealth management that will help ensure opportunity and excellence for future generations.

Dan Agnew is a third-generation family member who has championed and led The Agnew Company's business growth and investment diversification for over 30 years. Dan is a graduate of Oregon State University and Willamette University School of Law and has been active on industry and charitable boards.