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  • How to build a better board

    Eventually, your family business will grow to a point where you realize you need help setting its strategic direction. To provide a reality check on your vision and performance, you need an unbiased view. Most leaders create a board to help with these issues.

    So, what is the first step in building a board? Let’s begin by defining the different types of boards  so we can find the right fit for you.


  • A no-nonsense guide to key family documents

    When the Caladan family gathered for its biannual shareholder meeting, there were a number of significant topics to discuss. The most important was a clarification of some items in the buy-sell agreement. Prior to the meeting, each family shareholder had access to a digital version of the family constitution. Everyone was expected to be prepared to discuss the topics on the meeting agenda. The family council had printed relevant family documents for reference during the discussions.

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