Family Business Magazine sets new slate of Editorial Advisory Board members

Family Business Magazine has refreshed and augmented its Editorial Advisory Board.

The 11 board members have served family companies in a wide variety of roles — as business leaders, board directors or key participants in family governance.

Their guidance will help ensure that Family Business Magazine’s print and online publications, as well as its conferences and other events, are providing the best possible insights to the family business community.

Ross J. Born, CEO, Just Born Quality Confections
Philip A. Clemens, Retired Chairman, The Clemens Family Corporation
Drew Everett, Chairman, Bush Brothers & Company
Howdy Holmes, President and CEO, Chelsea Milling Company
Meghan Juday, Non-Executive Vice Chair, IDEAL Industries Inc.
Anne Eiting Klamar, M.D., Chair of the Board, Midmark Corporation
Charlotte Lamp, Ph.D., Shareholder, Eddy Family Council, Port Blakely
Jack Ouellette, Executive Chairman, American Textile Company Inc.
Allison Parks, Family President, Laird Norton Company
Katy Wilder Schaaf, Ph.D., Director of Development and Engagement, E. Ritter & Company
Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Psy.D., Shareholder, Vermeer Corporation

In 2019, Family Business Magazine will celebrate 30 years of service as the trusted source of information and advice for family business stakeholders.


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Happy 30th years of great publication! Thank you for the informative insights provided for family business community.

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