Book Recommendations

Our publishers and editors have hand selected the following books for you to consider adding to your library. Happy reading.

Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries and Randel S. Carlock with Elizabeth Florent-Treacy

The challenge faced by family businesses and their stakeholders, is to recognise the issues that they face, understand how to develop strategies to address them and more importantly, to create narratives, or family stories that explain the emotional dimension of the issues to the family. The most intractable family business issues are not the business problems the organisation faces, but the emotional issues that compound them. Applying psychodynamic concepts will help to explain behaviour and will enable the family to prepare for life cycle transitions and other issues that may arise.

Mark Casella with Jenny Luken

This book was written to share what I've learned on my own journey. From my 35 years of professional experience and my personal perspective as a second-generation member of a business-owning family who's married to someone from the third generation of such a family, I'll show you what you can do to help your own family create a legacy that lasts.

Mark Haynes Daniell and Tom McCullough

Family Wealth Management is coauthored by two experts in the field of private wealth - one, a former director of Bain & Company and the chairman of two of the world's largest family trusts, and the other, a CEO of a leading global family office and professor of finance from University of Toronto. The book introduces you to a unique model of wealth management that produces the desired return outcomes while being consistent with a family's overarching goals and values. The approach combines the best traditional investment and portfolio management practices with innovative new approaches designed to successfully navigate through economic climates both fair and foul. While the authors address  the critical "hard" issues of asset management, they also emphasize important "soft" issues of working with families to ensure that actions are congruent with objectives, in alignment with family governance principles and designed to help sustain and grow family wealth over multiple generations. 

Michael M Carter, Daniel Priestley and Scott Gabehart

"'What's your business worth?' is the last question I have asked for over 60 years to any entrepreneur that came into my office looking for money." Legendary Investor Warren V. 'Pete' Musser, founding investor of Comcast, QVC, and Novell "Business valuation knowledge will shape the future of commercial lending for both lenders and business owners." Tom Petro, CEO, Fox Chase Bank "Today, small businesses have the deck stacked against them in accessing lending, getting financial support, planning for their future or simply selling their business. Knowing your business' value magically unlocks these doors and connects business owners to services and support they sorely need." Randy Shuken, Former SVP WorldWide Strategy in the office of the CEO for MasterCard "If you are a financial advisor, helping your clients or prospects understand their business value will be something that sets you apart and win in the future." Edmond Walters, Founder and former CEO of eMoney Advisor (Fidelity) "What the credit score is for consumers, I think the business valuation score will be for businesses in the future looking for credit." William Groves, former SVP Analytics, Dun & Bradstreet

Mitchell Kaneff

Third-generation CEO Mitchell Kaneff knows that when family businesses create and implement an effective strategy for handing over the reins, they enjoy a much higher success rate. In Taking Over, he introduces a straightforward approach to succession planning that addresses the special, overwhelming challenges family-run companies face.
Drawing on his experiences, as well as those of other family business owners, Mitchell gives leaders, heirs apparent, and their families the tools and inspiration they need to overcome the turmoil of transition.
Taking Over will show you how to: 

  • Tackle the complex emotional and psychological issues associated with the family business--before you take it over
  • Hire advisors to reduce tension and resolve family conflict--and then cut them loose
  • Begin preparing for your exit as soon as you enter the business
  • Choose the most competent successor in a measured, detached way--and relinquish control of the company graciously 
  • Maintain financial stewardship and preserve family values to pass both wealth and traditions to the next generation 

Filled with candor and real-life stories, this book will help you transfer leadership to the next generation while keeping your company--and your family--intact and thriving.