Book Recommendations

Our publishers and editors have hand selected the following books for you to consider adding to your library. Happy reading.

Charlotte B. Beyer

The FIRST book to read before you hire - or fire - your advisor,Wealth Management Unwrapped is a comprehensive guide for both the newly wealthy and the experienced investor.

Christopher J. Eckrich and Stephen L. McClure

A Family Council oversees a family on everything from educating the family for their future responsibilities as owners, to settling disputes within the family. With this in mind, this practical manual will guide business families on how to manage how their family governs itself and relates to their business.

Clint Greenleaf

In Beyond the Piggy Bank, Clint Greenleaf - entrepreneur, CEO, CPA, and father of three reveals the simple path to ensuring that your child will enter adulthood knowing how to manage their money. After exploring the existing literature on children and money, Greenleaf realized he could not prescribe the right way to teach children about money. Instead, he has created a framework that allows you to tailor a financial education to your child without leaving out any of the essentials. Beyond the Piggy Bank will help you explore your own financial values and level of financial literacy. Each of those values is then applied to a simple but fundamental lesson in your child s financial literacy journey. By the end of this book, you will have a thoughtful, well-developed, and easy-to-execute roadmap that will enable your child to confidently handle their personal finances.

Clint Greenleaf

The Three Little Pigs Learn to Give, Save, and Spend

The Big Bad Wolf is back, and he's blowing down houses in the forest, one by one. The Three Little Pigs hatch a plan to help other animals weather the wolf's mighty lungs. They start a building company, offering strong homes built of brick, just like theirs. Demand is high for the brick homes the Pigs build, and their business becomes a success. Now they need to figure out what they should do with their hard-earned profits. One little Pig wants to spend away, another wants to give it away, and the third wants to save it. Based on the give-save-spend-concept, this sequel to the classic fairy tale teaches kids a safe and practical approach to managing money.

Schools don't teach basic finance, and most books about money are too confusing for younger children. An entertaining first step in any child's education, Give, Save, Spend with the Three Little Pigs is easy to read and understand.

Danny Miller and Isabel Le Breton-Miller

Conventional thinking holds that family-controlled businesses are beset by inherent weaknesses from "clan" cultures to stable ownership that hobble success and erode competitive advantage. This book argues that those very traits are part of what has ensured the sustained success of some of the world's leading and long-lived family controlled businesses. This is not a book for "mom and pop" family businesses. Rather, it is for firms of all kinds and sizes who want to emulate the strategies of the best family-controlled businesses for long term success.